Plasma & Oxyfuel Steel Cutting Services

Titus Steelworks’ commitment to quality extends to our cutting and processing technology. To ensure that each project is executed with maximum accuracy, we offer high definition underwater plasma and oxyfuel steel cutting with True Hole technology.

The links above offer more resources to learn more, but the quick run-down of our cutting technology:

  • Plasma Steel Cutting Service – Plasma cutting is a technique by which a torch uses a stream of hot plasma ignited by an electrical arc between the torch and the conductive material being cut.
  • Oxyfuel Steel Cutting Service – Unlike plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting does not require an electrical ark between the torch and the material being cut, instead using an oxygen based flame to cut the Oxyfuel is necessary for non-conductive materials, and can be used to cut thicker plates up to 8”.
  • High Definition – By using CNC high-precision computer driven technology, we are able to make precise, accurate, and complicated parts with no bevel on the cut edge.
  • Underwater Steel Cutting Service – Underwater cutting, as opposed to ‘dry cutting’, produces a much smaller Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This helps to maintain the chemical composition of the steel while minimizing the risk of heat-warping during the cut due to expansion or contraction of the material as it is cools.
  • True Hole Technology – This cutting technology ensures that large or small holes are at a right-angles to the plate, rather than the slight-beveling that one gets with a conventional plasma.

At over 192 square feet in area, our cutting table is among the largest in Georgia and can handle plates up to 100” x 296” in surface area. Employing larger plates maximizes “nesting” of your parts for greater saving and less waste.

Titus Steelworks can offer precision cutting tolerances, high production of multiple parts and economical ‘nesting’ algorithms to get the most out of each plate.

  • Quick same day turn-around
  • Plasma cutting up to 2”, Oxyfuel cutting up to 6”
  • Speeds up 170” per minute for ½” steel
  • Tolerances of 0.200”
  • Smooth edge quality eliminating the need for secondary cutting
  • True hole technology
  • Underwater cutting for reduced HAZ
  • Mig, Tig, and Sub Arc welding

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