Industrial Sandblasting and Painting in Cartersville, GA

At our industrial sandblasting and painting facility in Cartersville, GA, we can restore and refurbish many items, from treasured keepsakes to industrial and agricultural implements and parts. Our industrial painting facilities are equipped to apply an even coat to projects of virtually any size, while our industrial sandblasting services can help you to maintain, restore, and renew old equipment by stripping off old paint, rust, grease, salt buildup, or other debris.

Quick & Easy Painting

With our industrial painting facilities and services in Cartersville, GA, we aim to tackle any paint job in a way that is cost-effective without sacrificing quality, while providing the facilities to handle any job, be it numerous small pieces, or a single large object.

Our New Spray Booth for Large Objects

It can often be a challenge applying an even coat of paint to large objects. With our new 24 ft. spray booth, we can custom paint anything from furniture to large industrial parts and castings.

Our Rack System Makes Small Work of Large Orders

Thanks to our Hanging Drying Rack System, we can easily accommodate large industrial painting orders in a quick and cost-effective manner, be they a handful of large plates or numerous small pieces.


Sandblasting (the common term for ‘abrasive blasting’) uses a stream of abrasive materials. It is usually sand, though depending on the surface or the job, it can be done with other blasting materials, such as metal shot, glass beads, or baking soda (known as ‘soda blasting’).

Sandblasting can serve a number of purposes, including:

  • Rust removal
  • Paint removal
  • De-greasing
  • Removing salt & other sediment
  • Smooth out a rough surface
  • Roughen up a smooth surface

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Our IN LINE semi-automatic continuous blasting, painting and drying system reduces handling, saves money and allows us to process multiple parts up to 2,500 lbs.

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