Dynamic Armor Kits and Plates

Ballistically Certified

Applies to NIJ, CEN (BR)1063, UL752, MIL 46100, 12560

The AR 500/600, Mil 46100, 12560 steel plates are ballistically certified for maximum protection. They are blasted and painted to customer specifications. They are nested on large plates with CAD assisted design. In order to reduce the “heat affected zone” (HAZ), High-Definition Underwater Plasma, or Water Jet cutting is used.

Armor Kits for Vehicles

Armor kits for vehicles are cut-to-size, skidded and shipped in days. Armor kits can be applied to all makes & models (military & commercial). It can be customized for special purpose vehicles. Cash in transit.

Live Fire Fabrications for Tactical Training

  • Cut, fabricate, certify, panels, bullet traps, entry systems etc.
  • Customized, fixed or modular
  • With or without ballistic rubber facing to eliminate ricochet, splatter, bounce back
  • Overlap seams to eliminate gaps
  • Blasted and painted
  • Targets, commercial, or custom

Dynamic Armor Plates Specifications

  • Dynamic Plates options: AR 500, AR 600, Mil Spec 46100, 12560
  • Thickness: 0.125” up to 2.0”
  • Plate sizes: 4’x8’ up to 8’x24’ for maximum “yield” and savings

Titus Steelworks has a large inventory of dynamic armor kits and plates available in Cartersville, GA, and we can deliver the next day. For more information about our dynamic armor kits and plates, contact us today.

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