Abrasion resistant steel is mainly used for applications where abrasion and wear are the causes of failure, and not in infrastructure like buildings or bridges. Typical uses include buckets and other heavy equipment attachments, dump and trailer bodies, concrete mixers, garbage trucks, wear liners and wear parts, such as cutting edges.

AR steel plates are made from steel slabs containing different alloys. Of these alloys, carbon plays a key role in making wear plate abrasion resistant, because it increases the steel’s hardness. When the carbon increases, the hardness increases, but the toughness is reduced making it more susceptible to cracking. Quenching and tempering makes the steel more ductile but reduces the hardness.

That’s why good steelmaking processes – like the ones employed by Titus Steelworks – are vital. We use just the right recipe that balances alloying, heat treatment, and chemistry to get the properties you want.

Uses of Abrasion Resistant Steel

Abrasion resistant steel is a type of steel that is particularly effective in high-wear applications where there is a flow of material. This makes it well-suited for industries like mining, that require high volume or large-scale materials handling.

Common applications for abrasion resistant steel include wear parts on mining and digging equipment, such as buckets for diggers and excavators, liners for dump trucks, and dozer attachments. It’s also used for conveyor belts that transport material and for liners in bins, chutes, and hoppers that experience material flow, such as in the mining or cement industry.

While a higher carbon content can increase the hardness and toughness of steel products, it can also make them more brittle and unsuitable for some applications. As a result, abrasion resistant steels should not be used as structural steel, as their brittle nature can lead to premature failure.

In many cases, abrasion resistant steels are used as liners to protect more permanent structures from wearing away, and these liners are typically designed to be replaced at regular intervals.

Titus Steelworks Carries Abrasion Resistant Steel

Founded in 1998, Titus Steelworks is based in Cartersville, Georgia, and specializes in steel fabrication, assembly, live fire training systems for SWAT teams and police, sandblasting and painting for small and large orders.

We are known for designing and fabricating high impact wear parts for industries such as mining, quarries, and construction equipment.

In addition, we retail high abrasion resistant steel including ENDURA and Manganese.

Our solid reputation is a direct result of our quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and fast turn-around time.

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