Industrial properties often require more attention and care than other types of properties because of the presence of heavy metals and chemicals. An essential maintenance process for industrial properties is sandblasting.

What is Industrial Sandblasting?

Industrial sandblasting is the process of cleaning industrial surfaces using air-propelled sand, typically mixed with water and/or cleaning agents. The abrasion from the sand can effectively remove hardened dirt, grime, corrosion, chemical buildup, and other materials, such as coal slag, steel grit, dry ice, aluminum oxide, and plastic coverings.

Why Are Sandblasting Services Necessary for Industrial Painting Jobs?

While sandblasting is not always necessary before an industrial paint job, it is useful for deep cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces and preparing them for finishing. Sandblasting can remove hazardous materials and other substances that traditional cleaning materials cannot.

Industrial sandblasting prepares surfaces for finishing by removing rust, chemical buildup, or degrading materials, leaving the surface bare for repairs and priming for new paint, coating, or sealing.

Our sandblasting and painting system is also highly cost-effective as it minimizes overspray, allowing for more paint yield and less waste. Moreover, items that are sandblasted and painted dry faster than those painted with wet paint, resulting in a quicker turnaround time. This means that there’s less downtime for the pieces to be handled or machined once they’ve cooled.

Industrial painting on the other hand, protects surfaces against erosive materials, maintains property value, and keeps your property clean.

Industrial sandblasting and painting are essential for protecting your property and maintaining safety standards. Keeping up with regular sandblasting and painting will ensure a long-lasting and protective finish.

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